LDPE – The primary use of LDPE is to manufacture a variety of films such as stretch wrap, shrink wrap, bubble wrap and similar bag style material, however, LDPE may also be utilized for the manufacture of certain rigid plastic containers and bottle caps.

Mixed Rigid Plastics – MRP consists of a mixture of various plastic household items such as crates, boxes, buckets, toters, and even toys.


Small Plastic Containers – SPC material consist of a mixture of various wide neck containers such as tupperware, cups, butter tubs and lids, as well other similar food packaging items.


PP Supersacs – This is an industry term for a large woven bulk bag. This material is used in shipping various grains, powders and nuts. It can also be used for the mining industry.

Electronic Scrap Housing – Plastic housing which covers a variety electronic durable goods such as television sets, computers, monitors, phones, stereos and many other plastic housed electronics products.

High-density Polyethylene – HDPE is a highly versitile material in it’s uses. Many products that you come in contact with every day are made from HDPE. The list spans from a variety of commercial products such as water pipes, garbage bins, and truck beds to many of your standard household containers such as buckets, toters, pallets, and even some tupperware.

PET – This material is primarily associated with the manufacture of water and soda bottles, however, you can also find strapping and some food packaging made from PET as well.

Expanded Polystyrene – EPS is a tough a rigid plastic foam that is often used in housing insulation as well as supplemental packaging for fragile products that require some degree of cushioning.

Plastic Pallets – These are most notably used in supermarkets and factories. Just like wooden pallets, plastic pallets are widely used in many industries but are often preferred over wooden ones due to their higher durability, longer service life span, resistance to odors, and the ability to be easily sanitized.

Post Industrial Rolls – This is the roll stock from labels.

TPO Bumpers – These are standard plastic vehicle bumper covers.