The founders of UCS are pioneers and professionals in the waste optimization industry with focus on plastic. We have years of experience moving large quantities of material for our clients. UCS has expanded its environmental focus in order to reflect our conscientious business values. Focusing on diverting plastics from landfills and incineration plants as well as working with waste producers/consolidators to optimize their flow of material. Our expert sales team specializes in helping customers minimize costs while maximizing value of their scrap plastics.

We handle all types of plastic material including but not limited to the following categories:

Post-Consumer Mixed Plastics
–  MRP – Mixed Rigid Plastic
–  SPC – Small Plastic Containers
PP Supersacs
PET Strapping
HDPE Drums
EPS Densified
–  Blocks
–  Purge
E-Waste – Computer Housing
Agricultural Scrap
–  Nursery Film
–  Propagation Trays
–  Flower Pots

Our Approach:

We envision a cleaner and greener world in which waste is properly recycled. Therefore, we strive to turn our waste stream into a usable resource.

UCS partners with recycling companies in order to meet and surpass their waste disposal needs. In addition, we create programs for businesses that historically have not recycled effectively. This improves recovery rates and increases the bottom line for our clients.

Working with UCS you can expect us to be down to earth, reliable, trustworthy, and resourceful.  We pride ourselves in our service techniques, which are designed to make your job simple and profitable. UCS makes your recycling job simple, profitable, and environmentally safe.

Our Values:

Stay dedicated to serving the environment.
Invest in people.
Teamwork pays off.
Provide top customer service.
Guarantee customer satisfaction.
Deliver value through win-win relationships.